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I told ILoveNuggets :iconilovenuggets: that if she would let me draw Koda in a comic strip, I would draw her a Jason Todd / Dick Greyson Yaoi but she doesn't ship them. So I'm belatedly giving her my secret vegetarian Cold Pasta sauce recipe instead as promised.  Very fast and easy to make, I give it to dinner guests I want to impress.  Its very healthy and I use it to load carbs  before a competition.

Serve this with a light salad, Garlic bread, and an ice cold bottle of Cupcake Prosecco.

28oz (1lb) can of Hunts whole tomatoes diced including its liquid, don't drain.  or fresh home grown tomatoes are great too.
2 cloves crushed garlic
1/2 tsp Basil, 1/2 tsp chives, 1/2 tsp Mint,
1 tsp Salt, 1tsp Oregano, 1 tsp Parsley
1/3 cup olive oil
dump tomato's and liquid into a large bowl, add spices and salt. If using dried herbs let them soak a few min to rehydrate, then add olive oil and stir well to incorporate.
sit aside to rest. Do not refrigerate, this destroys the taste of the tomatoes. Cover and leave the sauce to sit at room temperature for several hours. just before time to eat, Cook an adequate amount of linguine to al dente stage and serve hot on a plate unrinsed with the Cold Pasta sauce ladled on top.  fresh ground pepper and Parmesan cheese as desired. 

The sauce will be a bit watery, but when you add the hot pasta (not overcooked, drained but not rinsed, not cooled) and toss, the pasta will absorb a bit of that water  and tighten it all up. 

the keys to maximise this are: (a) fresh ingredients, (b) time to sit and meld flavors, (c) unrinsed, hot pasta.

I need to stop chatting with people so much. I was talking to a UK friend till 2am his time the other night and finally told him to go to bed when I realized he was on so late lol. I'm neglecting all my Tweeps and Insta-squadites because of this. They need to know that I'm going to go workout and stuff and what splendid cat videos I saw lately. I've got a sheaf of unfinished por, um, art, and stories that I need to wrap up.

Whenever you see me post something and the face looks like Monkey Jesus, it was coz I bum rushed it out the door. I draw faces last . If it bugs me too much I go back and finish the face later tho. Part of the problem is I gots more ambition than time or talent, but I've never let that stop me from doing stuff.

embedded_item1490200327400 by SpringBoardDiver
I hated how Greg and Adrasteia turned out so I totally redid the image. Tell me if you like it better or not.
Everyone is complaining about Donald Trump but I just heard Club Penguin is shutting down. Maybe its time to reconsider your priorities.

embedded_item1486749765500 by SpringBoardDiver
Hey dude, if you're reading this well..
Congrats, you're not illiterate. 😅
USA cliff diving. I only do 10 meter dives and that's plenty dangerous. Watch cliff divers eat boiled eggs and bananas, wander randomly around and then bust open their head and fall 90 feet.

Watch "Steve Hits the Platform... FALLS 90ft | La Rochelle 2015 | S1E4" on YouTube
Dag it. I didn't optimize my last two drawings for cell phone viewing. I need to enlarge the text and repost it tonight. You can't read it .
If it's Back and Shoulders day then it must be Friday. I am going to go in my room after I get back from practice and draw all weekend. Unless I get distracted by bright, shiny objects or a bug. But I have vowed to endeavor to persevere. That's my trending tweet headline actually: Diver has vowed to endeavor to persevere. So it must be so.
For the record, I do not play Wolfenstein, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, Overwatch or anything else WOW. coz I get sucked in, go feral, and play obsessively for days and nights and pee into Gatorade bottles while crouching in a nest of empty Marcos pizza boxes and my hair gets all gnarly and nothing gets done.

Which like mucho annoys the Powers That Be . I got a spank and a "No. No Bad boy!" So I don't do that no more. No way. Uh uh no.

Final Fantasy 15 is like most bodacious tho dudes. Sorry I haven't posted any drawings lately.
Fabio Dick Greyson walks away from being Disco Wing . Bruce kept it though, for reasons you just don't want to know.

embedded_item1484059928985 by SpringBoardDiver
Jason Todd wore Dick Greyson's original Robin costume. The costume he's usually shown in now was designed by Tim Drake, long after Jason had already died. Tim Drake was the Robin I grew up with. They switched all the Robin costumes to the Drake version when the religious right complained and the merchandising of the Greyson costume was becoming a problem. I have both versions and the Rubber Drake and black nightwing movie versions in my collection. In my size. Don't ask.

embedded_item1484013951473 by SpringBoardDiver
My new years resolution is to stop going back for seconds, even If I start loosing weight.

I'd do better with several smaller meals spread out over the day. Being active and working out burns up a lot of calories and l have to eat a lot of protein to keep from burning off muscle .

When I go to practice, it's heavily Aerobic, which burns up fat and then all the muscle mass I've laboriously built up at the gym lifting insane amounts of weight. Weightlifting is an Anerobic workout. I see-saw between the two.

Bulk bodybuilders avoid aerobics in order to get swole up into huge meatheads. I do aesthetic bodybuilding, which is all about being perfectly proportioned and symmetrical. So I'm not trying to get huge.

As a consequence of all this aerobic work I stay at a low body fat percentage. So the only fuel my body has to use up is muscle mass. I start getting skinny and burnt out unless I'm careful. I'm hungry all the time so eating isn't the problem. It's that I want to eat big meals. So I'm going to make more of a effort to spread that eating along over the day instead of gorging down whole buffaloes at one meal.

This is why you never see serious swimmers and divers who are fat. And why they are slender and aren't heavy with muscle. And it's why Bodybuilders are always drinking Protein powder shakes and eating egg whites constantly.

But the real truth is I can't stand not being active. I start figiting if I have to sit still too long.

All this frenetic activity is why I'm not that productive drawing stuff. I do a lot of juggling to keep it all going the way I need to go lol.
Another year has come and gone and all the philosophers and all the poets are still mysteriously silent about Cheese
I think I know why I never get anything done. I'm too busy looking at what everyone else has done! I'm gonna get my sketch pad, sharpen my pencil and ignore you people for awhile.
Sorry everyone, I was already watching and started futzing around with the mobile app and had to rewatch.
Projects in my pipeline
1.  ErnetGID's Boys - in Progress
2. Cyber-Fox requests 5 pics of Kumatetsu from "The Boy and The Beast" - In progress
3. Looking for Stately Mess Manor and can the Mess-Merizer overcome the insidious Crazy Pills? - In Progress
4. Max Noir, Holistic Detective - by Lord G - outlined
5. Girl Love - by Lord G - outlined
6. Taking Greggers to Slave Mart - Ham
Comic book pages, series of pic?
7. Miraculous Supa Fox and Black Cat versus The         Doctor and evilized Al.
8. The Mysterious Islands - Prolog, ongoing graphic novel
9. Bring in the clowns - serial killers

- Anything anyone asks for, when able.

Have I forgotten anyone's request? New requests?
You can catch flies with honey but I prefer to catch honeys being fly.

Sometimes, I catch flies too.
AAU Ball (1) by SpringBoardDiver
I swear to God it was Friday 4 minutes ago and I've done fck all so far. I have picked up my room a little. so at least I've done something productive.

embedded_item1476037653081 by SpringBoardDiver
Thought I would share this coz it speaks to all of us when our dreams come crashing down and burn.
embedded_item1491809467210 by SpringBoardDiver


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